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100% Metal Free Zirconium Crowns

There have been many different types of crowns used in dentistry, but they all have had disadvantages. The strongest and most durable crowns have been the porcelain fused to ce­ramic type. The biggest disadvantage of these crowns is the aes­thetic appearance, they don’t transmit light like natural teeth so they are not as natural looking, and after a few years they show a black margin which is unsightly. The all porcelain crowns have weaknesses and are prone to fracture under stress.

But now we have a new crown material called Zirconium. It is very strong and can be used anywhere in the dentition.

Advantages of Zirconium:

  1. Very strong material
  2. Has very good aesthetics
  3. The cement line is thin and doesn’t show a black line
  4. Less tooth has to be removed for the crown preparation
  5. It is biocompatible and non allergenic
  6. It is translucent like natural teeth

The material, Zirconium, is often referred to as ceramic steel because it is so strong. The colour is white/ivory which is ideal for replacing tooth substance. It has high hardness and tensile strength and is a good insulator which reduces the chance of sensitivity.

We have had over 20 years experience of the material because it has been used in the medical profession for hip replacements with no adverse reactions, and is bio-compatible. It is made from zirconium oxide, which is a ceramic material which was used extensively in the aero-space industry.

The crown is made up from a thin shell of zirconium (a coping) with a softer porcelain layer fused on top to give a very strong natural looking restoration. Zirconium can also be used for multi-unit bridges to replace missing teeth and for veneers.

The bottom line is they are they more expensive. Yes, they cost a little more than porcelain/metal ceramic crowns, but they will last longer and you won’t get the horrible black mar­gin showing after a few years. One of the most common rea­sons for replacing porcelain/metal ceramic crowns is not failure of the crown, but the unsightly appearance of the black margins that show after a few years as the gum margin recedes.

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