Denture Stabilisation

Are you tired of your removable dentures because of:

  • loose fit
  • discomfort while eating
  • food lodgement under the dentures
  • poor quality of chewing poor aesthetics and phonetics

Implant retained dentures are specialist dentures which are supported by 2 or 4 dental implants placed in the jaw.

For replacement of multiple teeth, Removable Implant Teeth (Implant-Dentures) represent an excellent option for comfort, appearance, function and cost:

  • They stay put. When you talk or eat they won’t budge. You can even eat Steak with them!
  • More comfort in the mouth. The implant supports mean that they can be much smaller than false teeth (dentures) – the palate is left clear for proper enjoyment of your food and the absence of the classic denture-lisp.
  • Easy to clean.  Implant retained dentures are easily removed for cleaning and do not get much food trapped under them unlike conventional dentures
  • They are only removed for cleaning. No more teeth in a glass by the side of the bed!
  • Last over ten years. The longest surviving implants have been in place for 25 years.

This technology transforms the humble denture from a loose, food catching, great lump of uselessness to a slim, snug fitting and firmly attached set of teeth that you can eat anything with and never fear of them slipping out from under your nose while chatting.

This treatment is the most effective way of replacing large amounts of teeth, even when compared to other treatments.

  • Cheaper than implant bridges
  • Easier to clean than implant bridges
  • Half the price of implant bridges

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